[Kartbuilding] Fwd: plans of kart

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:28:27 IST 2006


I dont have the plans originally in solidworks.
I drew the kart in Autodesk Inventor, and exported it to SolidWorks.
As a result, the kart in SolidWorks only appears as surfaces.
Do you still want the SolidWorks version - note that there are no
dimensions or anything - its all imported parts as it appears in

Best of Luck,

>   Hi! My name is Pol, and I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I'm studing
> engeeniering and for the project I want to design a kart. Can you send my
> the plans to do it in solidworks? Really thx! Tell me something (sorry for
> my english).
>  I hope your news! thx!

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