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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:31:28 IST 2006


If you can wait until the end of November/ first week of December,
then I will have the time to design you a chassis.
What info I would require is:
Sizes of your wheels, diameter and width and hub design.
Brakes - disc & calliper - hydraulic?
Sizes of petrol tank you hope to use?
Whether you want metal bumpers or whether you want to use tough plastic ones?
What size engine and stuff? Have you an engine in mind, or are you
going to use a twin general purpose engine approach?
Ground clearance and your track design.

Basically Im of the opinion that you need to source suppliers for all
these parts: brakes, wheels & hubs, petrol tanks, engines, steering
wheels, seats.

A chassis and the assocaited mounting points can then be made to suit.

If I were to proceed to design a typical type racing kart, similar to
what are used, it would be up to you to source suitable parts etc. to
suit the chassis.

To be honest, there is very little in designing and making the
chassis, its getting all the pieces to fit and attach correctly onto
the chassis.

If you are looking into making racing karts cheap, then you will have
to look into sourcing these parts cheaply. E.g. use the front brake
system and disc off a small motorbike.
It might be a better option for you to purchase some second hand and
crashed karts and repair them?

See what you think. I wont be free to draw any plans until week1 in
december. If I were to draw out a kart complete with parts, I would be
looking at a price fee of $250 and that would be prioviding that I was
given broad sizes of the kart, with sizes of wheels, seat and engine.


>  Hi,
>   My name is Ken Blum, I'm a Canadian living in Ecuador, South America. The
> reason I'm writing is I'm currently building a indoor go-kart course and I'm
> starting to think, I'll have to build the fleet. Since sometimes customs and
> shipping can get a little pricy. Let alone what a go-kart can go for now
> days.
>   So, after reading your site and going over drawing and such I realized
> that maybe this chap would like to design a cart for me? Nothing, to fine
> but looks good and able to take punishment that comes with daily use.
>   Of course my company Fresh Net Services  S.A. would be willing to pay for
> your expertise, through design and contruction. Fleet will be approx. 15
> karts on first run, with as many as 25 to follow. I have access to Eng.'s,
> welders, industrail lathes and such. So, construction not a big deal.
>   Also you may know a site that, you have faith in the design and know it
> would be fitting to my needs. If so, no problem I'd still be very
> appreciative for you assistance. Then perhaps you might be available to
> assist with construction from your end if problems arise. As my company is
> on a shorter schedule to have the karts up and running. Deadline, I'd say
> would be mid-December at latest.
>   I've contacted a company regarding buying units off them but alas they are
> very slow to even respond to emails. When I build things I prefer to do it
> right and from my research you might be of great assistance in such an
> project.
> Sincerely,
> Blum Ken
> President - Fresh Net Services S.A.

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