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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:31:48 IST 2006

Dear Carl,

I have 3 main areas where my Kart Plans focus on:
1. Off-Road Karts - high ground clearance - roll cage possibilities.
2. Racing Karts - low ground clearance - lightweight.
3. Basic Wooden Karts with perhaps a small engine.

Plans covers from the start to the end of making a kart.
There are some pre-requesites when building a kart which make it much
easier to build the kart using the plans provided.
Here is a short list:
- 4 Wheels and Tires
- 1 engine - preferably a motorbike engine or a standard general
purpose engine which can be purchased.
- A disc brake off the front of a motorbike/ moped.
- A Welder
- Lengths of steel tubing and steel bar
- A steering wheel
- steel cables and sheething for controlling the brakes, accelerator etc.
- 2 sprockets and a matching drive chain
- A centrifical clutch if using a general purpose engine

Some of the above can be purchased, some cannot. Eg. the brakes are
much easier to get when obtained directly from a motorbike/ moped.

If you tell me some requirements, I will be in a better position to
inform you as to what plans I have available for publication.


> Please send me some information on the kart building plans that you have
> available.  We are a Canadian distributor of books and plans relating to
> kart building and trailer building.  I look forward to your reply.
> Carl Kennedy

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