[Kartbuilding] Fwd: Request for information

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:32:11 IST 2006

Hi Carl,

The plans you mention are at:

These plans are fairly old at this stage and they are not "shop shelf"
quality. You can use these plans as is, provided you mention the
website where you sourced these plans. If you are looking for me to
redo these plans to a high quality and use them in turn copyrighted
for your own purposes then it may be possible to work out a plan/
design for a kart.
It would be January 2006 before I would have any time to complete any work.

> Stephen,
> I'm interested in your most popular plan for building an off-road go-kart.
> I service a large account that could sell a few hundred a year easily
> provided the plans are of good quality.  Would it be possible to obtain a
> sample to present to this account?
> Regards,
> Carl
> Dear Carl,
> I have 3 main areas where my Kart Plans focus on:
> 1. Off-Road Karts - high ground clearance - roll cage possibilities.
> 2. Racing Karts - low ground clearance - lightweight.
> 3. Basic Wooden Karts with perhaps a small engine.
> Plans covers from the start to the end of making a kart.
> There are some pre-requesites when building a kart which make it much
> easier to build the kart using the plans provided.
> Here is a short list:
> - 4 Wheels and Tires
> - 1 engine - preferably a motorbike engine or a standard general
> purpose engine which can be purchased.
> - A disc brake off the front of a motorbike/ moped.
> - A Welder
> - Lengths of steel tubing and steel bar
> - A steering wheel
> - steel cables and sheething for controlling the brakes, accelerator etc.
> - 2 sprockets and a matching drive chain
> - A centrifical clutch if using a general purpose engine
> Some of the above can be purchased, some cannot. Eg. the brakes are
> much easier to get when obtained directly from a motorbike/ moped.
> If you tell me some requirements, I will be in a better position to
> inform you as to what plans I have available for publication.
> Rgds,
> Stephen
> >
> > Please send me some information on the kart building plans that you have
> > available.  We are a Canadian distributor of books and plans relating to
> > kart building and trailer building.  I look forward to your reply.
> >
> > Carl Kennedy

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