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You shouldnt need a differential if your chassis and steering geometry
is done correctly. The camber and caster angle in the steering will
lift and flex the chassis allowing the inside wheel to slip a little
when going around a corner.

You can try only driving one of the back wheels if you want - so on
your live rear axle, only have 1 wheel welded/ atached to the rear
axle. The other rear wheel can spin on bearings. This will make your
kart turn no problems - but the steering will be too sensitive then.

You can try and get a differential out of a car if you wanted either
and try and weld it into place.

I dont use a differential and just attach both rear wheels to the live
axle. Because I have the steering and the chassis setup correctly I do
not have any problems.
Best of Luck

> hi,
> my name is tomas and i am from Slovakia,Europe<sorry about my english>
> now i am working on my own go-kart,but it`s off-road,i found your web page
> ,when i was looking for some kart plans,
> i really like your plans,and i used most of them.
> but i have one question.now when i`ve finished my kart,i made it without
> differential, and it doesn`t work,
> can you please help me,what should i do to make it troublefree,because i`ve
> seen your pictures and i think you are not using differential too.
> i`ve seen many other plans and pictures,and no one is using
> differential.what to do to make it troublefree........
> thank you

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