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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:37:30 IST 2006


There is a special V groove in chainsaw sprockets and these are
incompatible with chains used to drive vehicles.
I suggest you cut open the case of your engine exposing the clutch and
drive shaft and simply weld on a sprocket off a motorbike. If you plan
on using bycycle sprockets beware that they wont work - the chain will
always keep coming off due to the speeds. On a bycycle teh chain goes
slow - the same chain on an engine will fly off.

> Hate to bother you again again, but I have another question. My kart frame
> is finished and I have bought a motor very cheaply... 30cc Ryobi weed wacker
> with clutch... but I am going to have a hard time attaching a bike chain
> compatible sprocket onto the clutch. In the position the motor is mounted,
> the clutch is uncovered.
> I was wondering if you know whether it is possible to buy a new chain drive
> style go- cart clutch that could be fitted to the weed wacker engine to
> avoid attaching the sprocket?

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