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Fri Oct 6 19:41:04 IST 2006

Hi Navin,

1st - No you should not install a hand operated clutch lever. A clutch
requires a lot of effort to be operated correctly. Also - apart from
the difficulty, it will require too small (precision) a movement to
operate correctly. It is best to have 3 pedals - one for the clutch,
one for the brake and one for the accelerator - and in the same
arrangement as in a car. It also gives the driver a better universal
experience when driving a car. So young people can learn to drive a
car - in this kart - i.e. they are getting used to the clutch -
accelerator relationship.

The end of the steering column. There is a picture attached to this
email showing the end of the steering column.
I suggest you go to this page:
and download the executable edrawing and zoom/ rotate the kart.

The bearings in the rear axle have special holders with bolt holes.
This allows you to bolt the holder directly to the kart. These can be
purchased directly from an engineering shop.

There are details and pictures on my website for the brake and sprocket.
Bottom of this page
I made the above holders. Get some diameter 100mm steel bar. part off
a 25mm piece.
Take down one side to a diameter to suit the internal diameter of
sprocket/ brake.
Drill hole thro. for axle.
Weld all.

My brakes are wire operated. On the above page - both methods are outlined.

Your engine will do fine. It would be better if it was a 2 stroke -
but sure you have to make do.

You can keep in touch with me for questions/ suggestions - IF YOU ONLY
All of the questions you asked are already covered on my website.

My kart does approx 45-50 mph.

15 teeth on sprocket for teh engine.
45 teeth on the rear axle.

Best of Luck

> Hi Stephen,
> I'm Navin from India, I'm doing my fourth year, Automobile engineering.
> I'm planning to make a go kart with a motorcycle engine that we have in our
> college.
> Its a 150cc 4 stroke suzuki engine. 12hp, it also has its own starter motor.
> I searched about on the net for guidance and came across your web site.
> I'm going to start building it day after 2moro.
> One major doubt. Shall i install the clutch on the gear lever, so that it
> can be
> hand operated, and just have 2 pedals, brake and accelerator or is there a
>  purpose behind your design.
> How is the end of the steering column supported?
> How did you mount the bearings of the rear axle?
> How did you mount the brake and sprocket on the rear axle?
> Where did you get the mounting hubs for brake and sprocket?
> Is your disk brake wire operated or hydraulic?
> Do you think my engine is suitable for this purpose? cause its a 4 stroke.
> I have all the facilities to get the kart done, and i'm really interested in
> your design.
> Shall i keep in touch with you for suggestions? Can you help me out?
> How fast would your kart go?
> How many teeth on front and rear sprockets?
> sorry for all those questions...
> Looking forward for your reply...
> Navin
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