[Kartbuilding] Fwd: Doubts on the kart

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:43:49 IST 2006


I dont have wheels or hubs to sell - all I have is whats on my own kart.

If your looking for proper racing kart wheels - then get to a racing
kart track etc. and they would have old perhaps slightly damaged
wheels they could sell/ give to you. It doesnt matter greatly that the
tires may be threadbare - as long as you get the kart made and do some
small testing - then you can buy new tires.

Apart from getting really old and used wheels from a karting arena,
you could use wheelbarrow wheels. What about wheels off a small
trailer? - or a small compact caravan?

I never buy wheels! - I always keep looking and asking people.
Best of Luck

P.S. this isn;t a hurdle - this is a lack of work and insight on your part.

Best of Luck

> hi,
> I have mailed you before asking doubts on your kart design.
> i finally got the courage to make the kart and i have already come across my
> first hurdle.
> I'm not able to get the tyres and the rims for a good price. the engineering
> shop says $140 for a set of 4. I think thats spending too much for just an
> ordinary project. is there any posibility that we can get an old set of rims
> and tyres for an old price? $140 is too much in my country's
> standard.(INDIA). and the people are lazy. suppose there is a possibility
> that you can get me an old set, i dont mind shipping them if they're within
> the budget.
> Navin

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