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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:51:49 IST 2006

Hi James,

I dont have any motors to sell for a kart.
I would suggest getting a small motorbike engine for your kart. Around
100cc would be perfect. Anything bigger is too heavy and anything
smaller is too underpowered.

I wouldnt be too worried at this stage in getting an engine. I started
out with a lawnmower engine - I built the whole kart. When I got it
going and everything - I got a better engine for it.

Get to a motorcycle repair shop for a second hand motorbike engine.
Best of Luck

> hello
>     My name is james i was just wondering if u sold motors for the go carts
> or you could tell me the type of motor or were you got the moter from
> because i cant find a decent motor for my go cart. i hope to hear your
> repley because i am exiteted to start my new project. thank u for readin my
> enquirey
>        from james

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