[Kartbuilding] Fwd: help with go cart

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:02:40 IST 2006

I think you should just get a simple centrifical clutch and rev up the
engine. You will need a gear ratio of 5:1 to work well with rear
wheels of diameter 12 inches.
Thats all the advise I can give you.
Best of Luck

this is ken again about the go cart.  we have decided no tto get the 10 hr
engine.  we are going to modify the 5 hr we have.  it is belt driven though
and has a clutch.  we would like to no what we can do to get htis thing
really moving , the cart is a pretty small body so we think we could get
some speed out of it.  suggestions would be great, righ tnow we haven't
spent a dime so we could be soem used parts to add on or change things if we
needed too.  thanks again

>If its a 10 hp engine with NO gears - then it will be difficult to get
>some speed up in the beginning. You could use a centrifical clutch and
>you would get approx 40mph, but it would be very slow starting from a
>stationary position.
>If its a 10hp motorbike engine then your laughing cause it will do
>+60mph - cause it has gears.
>But I assume you have a ton weight of an engine with a brute 10hp and
>you are trying to propel the engine, person and kart up to 30 or 40mph
>with no gears. It might work as I mentioned with a centrifical clutch
>(automatic with speed of engine) but the clutch will be slipping a LOT
>in when the kart starts off from a standing position.
>Best of Luck
> >my name is ken and i was wondering wha ti can do with a 10 horse
>engine.  we are kinda goign for speed on an off road cart.  maybe gear
>size or something lkie that would help.  my email is

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