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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:05:55 IST 2006

For a kart that does not need an engine, you should be able to cover
the cost in $100, depending on how much the wheels and tires cost.
Best of Luck,

How much would it probably cost for a kart does not need an engine?


It all depends on how much you get the parts for.
If you get an engine for free
If you get 4 wheels for free (I used 4 wheelbarrow wheels off a building site)

Then you will be able to make a kart.
$100 should cover the cost of steel and nuts & bolts to make the kart.

The steps to building the kart are obviously the same.
Best of Luck

On 6/29/05, Hannah Yan  wrote:
> For a school project a group of me and some of my classmates have to
> build a go-cart.  I was just wondering if it is possible to build a
> go-cart with a $100 budget.  But if it is possible it has to be the
> cheapest possible but still work.  Also if it is possible to build a
> go-cart under $100, what are the steps to building it.
> Thank you very much.

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