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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:26:26 IST 2006

Hi Jeff,
Cheers for the mail.
If you are going to make the dirt kart with light aluminum frame with
700 acres, you will want to do it justice with a good engine. I would
definately look for a motorbike engine with gears and a clutch. A
scrambler engine or something similiar of 20hp would be the job. Your
4 point harness and roll cage would then be put to the test!.

You are definately right to get your mate to make the chassis for you.
I done the same with my first kart, and it makes it so much easier.

I would definately be interested in seeing some pictures when you are making it.
Cheers for the Offer of Texas, hopefully sometime I will be able to
arise out of here for a while.
Talk to you again.
Best Regards,

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:12:36 -0600, Boatman, Paul J SGT DACH-FT HOOD
> Dude,
> Thanks for the plans for the dirt Kart, My kids and I are going to make it a family project.  I have to admit that I will cheat some, I have a friend that owns a machine shop and he is going to make the frame for me for the cost of the metal ( he offered me a good price on some aluminum tubing that he swears will be heavier duty than the steel with half the weight), but I dont know if that will be HD enough for the 700 acres behind my house.  I was going to use an old 7 HP lawnmower engine I had around but after reading your website, I think I will look around for a horizontal shaft motor. i AM ADDING A 4 POINT HARNESS AND ROLL CAGE TO THE FRAME oops sorry for yelling. I am hoping to take pictures as I go and will try to send you some. Hey if ya ever make it to texas I will be glad to take ya out back and let run some good texas scrubland. Anyway, thanks again for the plans and I hope life treats you well.
> Later,
> Jeff Boatman.
> (feel free to write back and give me feedback on my thoughts.

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