[Kartbuilding] Fwd: Summer Plans

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:25:52 IST 2006

Hi Michael,
Definately sounds like a mad project, and ought to be an unreal kart.
I forget most of the websites that are into big and powerful karts.
One is http://www.sadik.net/ however it is been updated at present.
I cant say that I have any special advise, apart from the normal,
spend a load of time on the chassis, as this will make or break your
kart. Are you going with suspension?. What modifications will have to
be taken for the radiator and stuff. The chassis will have to be
fairly large to accommadate that engine and extras. You will need some
good wheels also.
If I were you, I would be looking to getting parts off cars, rather
than off motorbikes.
Anyways, Best of Luck
If you want me to put your plans on the website, give us a shout and I
will put them up under your name.

On Sat, 27 Nov 2004 22:17:23 -0600, Michael Mazur
> Hey I like your website.  I was just wondering if you have any tips or
> pointers for my summer project.  I think this is a crazy idea but that's why
> I like it.  Here it is.  I'm planning on building a shifter/sprint style
> kart but I plan on using a 600cc triple for my engine (from my recently
> bent-up Polaris XCR).  Liquid cooled, tune exhaust, the whole bit!  I want
> to use the clutches and chaincase from the sled too (actually, most of the
> sled will be put into this monster).  I'm drawing up plans right now and I
> hope to start on the chassis by May.  Frick am I pumped!  Is there any other
> websites I can look to for extra help?
> Thanks,
> Michael Mazur
> Manitoba, Canada

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