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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:26:38 IST 2006

Hi Trevor,

12 teeth sounds good with the engine side, if you can get one that
small. 14 to 15 teeth are all i could get here in Ireland.
The main thing is that the sprockets will have a gear ratio of 5:1, so
the sprocket on the rear axle will have to be 60teeth with 12teeth on
the engine.

You should get 2 or 3 different sprockets and change them. You can
take/ cut a quarter out of the rear sprocket allowing the easy removal
and changing of rear sprocket. When fitting, you can using the bolt
holes to secure the quadrant and I spot welded the quadrant to the
rest of the sprocket. Its just that getting the bearings and all off
can be difficult.
Best of Luck
Keep up the good work.
-steve from Ireland

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:32:18 +1100, JENNINGS Trevor
> Just a quick progress report....
> The mower engine was no good with no spark and too many repair jobs to be done !!
> Therefore the Kawasaki is steaming ahead with almost completing the front end and chassis I would expect this week end to have the axle in place and some heavy thinking /discussions  about where to place the sprocket and what size ( number of teeth ) we should purchase for the axle side.
> The engine side I was thinking around the 12 tooth mark doe's this sound about right ??
> I have the callipers from an 80 cc Yamaha with only the disc rotor to be fabricated which should be a breeze.
> Steve what country are you in ? We are in Australia.
> Regards
> Trev

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