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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Aug 6 17:01:28 IST 2007


That 100cc 15bhp two-stroke engine is ideal for a gokart! There is loads 
of interesting stuff to learn when making a kart and can open up new ideas 
and ways of solving problems.
As regards chassis design, there is some theory which can be found at:

As regards the steering mechanism, I suggest you read:

Those pages will provide you with excellent background in these areas. 
Plans for a typical chassis can steering setup can be found at:

If you have any specific questions, just let us know.
Feel free to email on any photos of the completed kart and/or gokart 

Best of Luck,

On Sun, 5 Aug 2007, Dheeraj Sunder Rajan wrote:

> hello my name is Dheeraj Sunder Rajan. I am a mechanical engineering student
> and i am about to get into the final year. i have to do a project this
> year,so me and my friends have decided in building a gokart using a 100cc 15
> bhp two stroke old motorcycle engine. i wanted some help in the chassis
> design regarding the material and design. and information about the steering
> mechanism that i can use.. since it is a college project, we want to do it
> at a minimum cost. i hope to get some useful information from you.
> thanks in advance

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