[Kartbuilding] Chassis Tubing Size

Alrin Christians alrinchristians at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 21:34:24 GMT 2007

Hi Stephen

My name is Alrin.(Cape Town-South Africa)In am busy building a semi off road
cart based on the free plans I found on you website.This is my first project
of this type so there is a lot of things I am not 100% sure of.I dont want
to use suspension in my design because as I said before,this is my project
of this kind and I dont want to make it too complicated.
Originally I was going to use a Honda GX160 5.5hp motor but I ended up
getting a Honda GX240 8hp motor.This motor weighs 60Kg.What worries me is
the tubing size for the chassis.In my design I used 25mm mildsteel tubing
(as sugested on you site).I also made the chassis a 150mm longer to place
the engine behind the seat.The overall dimensions of the chassis is 1650mm X
700mm.What ads to this worry of mine is the fact that I wont use a
suspension.Will the chassis be able to take the punishment or should I use
maybe 30mm tubing or maybe even more?

Attached is a Solidworks JPEG of my design so far.I bought the engine this
weekend and I want to buy the tubing next,so I just wanted to make sure
about the tubing size before I buy the material.

You advice will be greatly appreciated.

Cell  0832064222
Fax  0866512520
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