[Kartbuilding] Request for Advice

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Feb 20 18:40:14 GMT 2007

Hi Joe,

I had the very same problem myself!!! The electrics on a motorbike are 
very complex and its very very difficult to cut down the main wiring loom 
- even if its at all possible!
The first motorbike engine I used for a kart - I messed up the 
electronics. It was an RXS-100 yahama motorbike engine. In my 
disconnecting of wires and attempted revivial - I blew the main EDU 
(Electronics Diring Distribution Unit)/CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition). 
course I didnt know what I had done - so I went to a local motorbike shop 
- went out the back - and asked the mechanic a few questions - 
specifically the wiring of the RXS-100. Fortunately - he knew the engine 
quite well and he could tell me exactly how to wire up the engine - 
removing the wiring loom from the equation, and as a result of his 
instructions I narrowed down my electronics problem to the blown EDU. I 
bought a new EDU - and my problems were fixed.
On my second motorbike engine - I kept the wiring loom, taped it up and 
kept it with the engine. I didnt have the time to sort out the pieces 
which were not required.
So - my recommendations are: 1. Consult a Mechanic - and ask him a few 
questions as to whether it is possible to remove the wiring loom and to 
"isolate" the ignition circuit alone - provided that you do not want the 
electric start etc. etc. 2. Buy th eHAYNES manual for the particular 
motorbike. They have a website at www.haynes.co.uk Their motorbike 
maintainence manuals will have all the required information you need. Im 
afraid I dont know of any websites that cover this area.

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, Joe Audritt wrote:

> Dear KartBuilding.net
> Im currently doing a project to build my own Rally type Kart. I haven't been working long on this project and have come
> across a problem. Allthough KartBuilding.net is a fantastic site and proved to be VERY helpfull and insperational, the help
> I need is very spercific.
> Currently i have a racing chassis that is fit to take a Yamaha RD125LC motocycle engine. The kart in fact is fit to go
> except the engine which i have. This is very frustrating as you can imagine. The engine i have was in good working order
> when it was on the bike, but my problem is with the electrics.
> Because the electrics with the engine include wires for light, speedo, temp gauge, key ignition, it is very complicated to
> someone like me who has very little knowledge of engine electrics. I need to find out more about engine conversions from
> motocycle to gokart but there are very few resources on the web on anywhere else.
> If you could help in anyway with links, resources or information directly from you it would be very VERY much appriciated
>                                                             Thanks alot
> P.S Your site is brilliant, please keep up the hard work, and help build this type of community.

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