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Thanks for the tips. I have been thinking about doing this ever since I
ended up with a 84 Honda ATC 110. The bike was trash so I took the forks off
and built a go-kart engine powered 3wheeler that turned out really cool. So
I always wanted to take the top end off the 110 and use the gears so HERE it
is on my Streaker Kart Feel free to place my picture on you website I can
send more if you want.  Its got a 3speed with HI-LO range, conventional
differential, Dual rear Hydraulic brakes, 5 Horse Briggs Flat head with 420
Roller Chain.


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Hi Stephen,

Well you could split the gearbox unit and remove the connecting rod. I

didnt however. I cut off the connecting rod as close to the crank as

possible. I then welded it to the crank so it wouldnt come loose or get in

the way. I was not too worried about it. It was a quick and dirty solution

which may work for you too.

As for the original clutch assembly - I recommend using it as is. There

should be any need to use your Comet torque converter. Unless the clutch

is not working inside the gearbox, and in which case it'd be possible to

get a second hand clutch for the motorbike engine for 20 bucks. You could

simply remove the clutch from the gearbox if you are not using it. It

should be easy enough. Just make sure you dont damage any bits off it -

just in case you have to put it back together!

If you want to use your Comet torque converter, I would place it between

your engine and the gearbox and connect with a chain etc.

If you have any photos I'd be able to give you a better idea.

Best of Luck,


On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, Stephen Wilson wrote:

> Alright So I got the top end and piston removed but how do you get the

> connecting rod off the crank?? Separate the two halves of the gearbox and

> should unbolt from the crank right?? What do I do with the original clutch

> assembly? I want to either use my Comet torque converter just the Clutch

> (driver) to the gearbox or something to run a chain to the gear box like

> just a normal go-kart clutch? Any ideas?

> Thanks,

> Stephen

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> Hi Stephen,


> I previously discussed connecting an engine to a gearbox, as you mentioned

> on this email which is archived at:

> http://lists.kartbuilding.net/2007-January/000344.html


> I hope this helps. You might have to correctly copy and paste the Image

> web links into your browser. The main gallery is located at:

> http://www.kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/Kart_Clearance_and_Memories/


> If you have any further questions etc. feel free to drop us an email.

> Best of Luck,

> -steve



> On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, Stephen Wilson wrote:


>> Hi, I have been thinking about making a new go kart  I have built a few

>> karts from 3 wheelers and such and I have a Honda 110 semi-auto engine

> with

>> a 4speed but the engine was no good so I want to see if you could see me

>> some really good picture of how you hooked the gear box to the engine. I

>> know it'll be a bit of a task but that doesn't bother me a bit. So if you

>> could get me some good pictures and some advise on how to and what not to

>> do. Thank you very much.


>> Stephen Wilson




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