[Kartbuilding] my kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Feb 26 08:32:53 GMT 2007

Hi Mat,

The kart looks good. I hope its not too heavy however and that you'll be 
able to get some speed up with the 110cc engine - which looks nice. I have 
found angle iron to be a bit heavy, however I suppose this depends on the 
type and thickness of the angle iron. It does make it nice and easy for 
welding. Did you manage to remove all the electrics? Well done - if you did. There was 
a whole pile of electrics on that engine in some of the photos below. Also 
- do you need that battery for the engine? It could add a bit of weight to 
the kart. You can get small motorbike batteries (6v or 12v) which might be 
smaller and lighter than the one in the photo:

It will be interesting to see and follow this kart as you complete it. I 
hope it goes ok, and will check out the photos as they arrive.

Best of Luck,

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, mat nimmo wrote:

> hi my name is mathew nimmo and i live in okotoks alberta canada. i have red 
> alot on your site and it has got me go to build a go kart out of a 110cc 
> motor. the frame is made of 1/8 inch angle iron and i am putting in a 110cc 4 
> speeed motor i amgoing off of  Petri Luotonen kart it is not finished yet but 
> i am close. http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p116/mat1_01/ those r the 
> pictures hope you like it and if you need more info e mail me thanks.
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