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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jan 2 09:53:43 GMT 2007


I was thinking after I sent you the first email, and 2" tubing did sound 
excessive. 1.4" should do fine as long as the span isn't too great. If the 
suzuki GSX-R 750cc is lighter than the 1100cc engine - great that is 
definately better to go with.

I didnt recieve the picture of the above engine with sprockets in the last 
email you sent me. 16 teeth on the engine and 48 teeth on the rear axle 
gives a ratio of 3:1 and this combined with the smaller kart wheels should 
give you plenty of acceleration. Note that if your kart wheels are 1/2 the 
size of the motorbike wheels - you will only go 1/2 as fast at top speed.

As for images you can use during fabrication, perhaps look through the 
kartbuilding gallery of kart parts at: 

Please email on the photos of the engine and kart and I will put them on 
the www.kartbuilding.net website under your name. If you send the step by 
step photos I can do a separate dedicated page to show your kartbuilding.

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 26 Dec 2006, khalid hinnawi wrote:
> Stive thanks alot for the informations about the tubing matter i think i 
> started with 1.4" tubes for the main chassi others i will use 1.2" tubes to 
> riduce waight and its my pleasure to send u all the pict. that i have for my 
> Go kart step by step if u want ... attached is the picture of a suzuki GSX-R 
> 750cc 89 - 88, that i think i will use it instead of the 1100cc its oil 
> cooled engine and i will use on it 1100cc carborators with sports air filters 
> .. also i will use the sprockets of the 1100cc 92 - 91 .. its arround 48teeth 
> for the axil and 16 teeth in the engin .. see attached.
> thanks again ... stive and please update me if u have more info or pict that 
> i can use during fabrication ....
> kikoo
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>> To: khalid hinnawi <khalid_hinnawi at hotmail.com>
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>> Subject: Re: 1100cc
>> Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 17:08:14 +0000 (GMT)
>> Hi,
>> A 1100cc engine is rather big and heavy!! I suggest you use 2 inch (50mm 
>> diameter) tubing with a wall thickness of 3 or 4mm.
>> Also - I do realise you will have to attach the radiator and cooling system 
>> for that engine. Thats the reason I use smaller air cooled engines - as I 
>> dont have to worry about the radiator etc.
>> Anyways, I do suggest you use larger diameter steel tubes for the main 
>> pieces of the chassis. It would be possible to use smaller 1.4" tubing for 
>> the cross members in the chassis.
>> If you email any photos of the engine and chassis, I will gladly put them 
>> on the kartbuilding website.
>> Best of Luck,
>> Steve
>> On Sun, 24 Dec 2006, khalid hinnawi wrote:
>>> Hi ... thanks alot for all the info i got in ur site ... i have small 
>>> consideration about building an off road G.K .. with suzuki 1100cc engine 
>>> using 1.40" steel tubes ... well it carry it ?? or do i have to make the 
>>> chassi tubes bigger ?
>>> kikoo ...
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