[Kartbuilding] Great Website

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jan 2 10:02:05 GMT 2007

Hi Steven,

Thanks very much for your email. Im glad you found the 
www.kartbuilding.net website helpful. I too had to get someone to weld the 
frame of my first kart - and it saved a lot of time. The chassis is the 
most important part of the kart to get right. Once you have a good chassis 
- everything can go onto this easily. All other parts can be easily added, 
changed, removed etc. but the chassis remains the same.

As for updating the site - I hope to put in a little more time in the new 
year to update and include extra details. I will put putting up plans and 
details for a simple wooden kart which can be made with only a drill, saw, 
hammer and nails etc.

If you do manage to get the photos of your kart onto the computer, I would 
love to see them. I can put them up on the kartbuilding website where 
other people might get some inspiration to start building karts 

Happy New Year,

On Wed, 27 Dec 2006, Steven D Lane wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Thank You for your GREAT web-site! I have used alot of your info, drawings,
> and in-site, to build my grandson a go kart. I got a bit carried away buying
> some racing parts. ( That may be an understatement :))
> I bought some of the parts as kits, off ebay.com. Partly to save time, but
> mostly because I don't have the tools. The main part of the frame is my 
> design
> from what I've learned from your site. I had a friend weld it all up for me.
> Maybe not the best job, but it should all work.
> The updates to your site are terrific. More organized, and easy to follow
> along the building process. I'll send pics. if I can figure out this silly 
> computer. :)
> Don't want to waste your time, just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! for a great
> web-site.
> Sincerely,
> Steven L.

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