[Kartbuilding] Mcculloch motors

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jul 31 20:53:19 IST 2007

Hi Jason,

I took a quick look on the web for that engine. They seem rare enough. The 
following shows an engine like yours in a kart: 
See also: http://www.muller.net/mullermachine/photos/index.html
You could contact the author of that website to ask about his McCulloch 
engines etc.

Did you find any information on the engines as to their specifications? 
Horsepower (HP), Kilowatts (kw), Cubic Capacity (CC) etc.???
Off hand Id say that engine is around 10hp at a best guess.

Those engines seem to be used quite a lot in gokarts a few years ago. I 
also came across this website:

You mentioned a kt100 Yamaha engine. Similar to the following I take it:
The KT100 engine ranges from 9-15HP. I didnt see any information about the 
rpm of the engine.
The KT100 engine is a two-stroke. Is the McCulloch engine two-stroke? Does 
it require a special fuel/petrol mix to run? My guess is that the 
McCulloch engine is a 4stroke.
2 stroke engines are better for gokarts, as there is power every 2 stroke 
(rather than 4), and they generally have higher rpm.

When comparing two engines, its best to compare the horsepower and/or rpm. 
The cc is a poor indicator of engine performance.

Let me know how you get on with the engines. They look very nice! Perhaps 
try putting two engines on a kart! See: 

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 31 Jul 2007, Jason & Debbie wrote:

> Here are some images of the motors;yes two of the motors are spares and from what i was told two have been refreshed. I really just want to know what I'm dealing with for comparison to the kt100 Yamaha.
>                                          Thanks, Jason

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