[Kartbuilding] price, lawnmower engines? etc.

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Jun 20 11:42:47 IST 2007


If you have an engine already it should only cost between 50 and 100 euros 
to make a metal racing/off-road kart. If you are making a wooden kart, it 
may be cheaper. To keep the costs low, use "bushings" ( 
http://www.kartbuilding.net/epbimages/axlebush.jpg ) instead of buying new 
bearings. Read http://www.kartbuilding.net/Freeplans/axle.htm for more 
Similarly, a simple plastic seat with some side supports as on: 
http://www.kartbuilding.net/Freeplans/seat.htm will suffice and keep costs 
low, at under 50euros.

As for turning a lawnmower engine on its side! - If you did manage to do 
this (which I personally have not), it will significantly reduce the life 
of the engine.
There was a person I knew who managed to take off the carburattor and 
combined petrol tank, mount it horizontally (to stop the petrol from 
spinning) and reconnect the intake port to the carburattor. Also - there 
are 4 possible positions that a lawnmower can be placed on its side. There 
is one position which is better at allowing oil flow and lubrication 
within the engine. I *think* it is the position where the piston is moving 
in a horizontal direction and the inlet and exhaust valves are below the 
position. This of course can change with engines. The lawnmower engines I 
worked with and that the person I knew managed to get working was a Briggs 
and Stratton engine - 3.5hp.
I never got the lawnmower engine working on its side however, and instead 
just used belt and pulley drive, as outlined:

You could also use a 
http://www.kartbuilding.net/PlAnS/45degree_gearbox_unit.jpg if you managed 
to get one.

Best of Luck with it all,

On Tue, 19 Jun 2007, jordan eustache wrote:

> hello how much do u think this might cost? how do i turn a lawnmower engine on its side?
>  please reply.
> ---------------------------------

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