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Sorry I didnt get a chance to reply sooner. The Tony Kart Venox looks 
good, and well put together. If you wanted to put this kart (as in 
attached PDF) into 3D eDrawings, then you would have to try and get the 
Kart plans in CAD (AutoCAD or 3D Solidworks, STEP, IGES or Parasolid 
format). If you cannot get a different version of the kart, you would have 
to draw the entire kart out in 3d CAD.

If you print out the attached PDF to a 10:1 scale, you will be able to get 
an approximation for the dimensions of the various parts on the kart.

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, jonathan storey wrote:

> if i wanted to put another kart into the edrawings program how would  i go about doing that i was thinking about the tony kart venox 125. if it is possible hopefully the attachments will help because the site does have some measurments.
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