[Kartbuilding] Go kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Fri Sep 7 18:17:17 IST 2007

Hi Jonathan,

1. Photos of finished karts can be found at:

2. SolidWorks will only provide you with a 3d Drawing of the Kart. If 
modelled correctly in this software, it will give you the correct lengths 
of tubing required.
It would be possible to order a premade Tony Kart chassis and assemble the 
kart yourself. I dont know of any company that sells Tony Kart chassis 

3. I modelled a racing kart which I made in SolidWorks. The solidworks 
files can be found at:

4. You can obtain the fiberglass side panels/pods/bumpers from a racing 
arena/track. They will be able to order in pods/sidepanels for you if they 
dont have them already.

If there are any further questions, just let us know.
Best of Luck,

On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, jonathan storey wrote:

> ok i have a few questions...
> 1. what does the finished product of the tony kart extreme '97 look like
> 2. can i build it using the solidworks program or do i have to purchase the chassis.
> 3. are there anyother go carts that can be viewed in solidworks
> 4. where can i buy the side panels made of fiberglass for racing go karts such as the tony kart
> if any of my questions are unclear please say so please respond as soon as possible
> _________________________________________________________________

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