[Kartbuilding] guidance - Cosmos Static Analysis of Chassis Frame

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Sep 17 12:43:49 IST 2007

Ershad Ilahi Khan,

I will offer what advise I can on how to analyze the loads on the frame
using Cosmos. You will have to look up various tutorials on Cosmos
regarding tube frame analysis using Cosmos. I have only limited
experience using Cosmos.

The questions you will need to ask:
Is the chassis a ladder type? or space frame? or a ladder with roll cage
What material is the chassis been made from? Mild Steel?
What weights are involved? What weight is the engine and wheels and driver?

If I was going analyzing a chassis, I would break it down into its
individual components. I would take just the frame itself firstly. Using
Cosmos, setup the restraints and the loads. The restraints for the frame
would be the rear axle carriers and the front king pin joints. I would
perform a static analysis on this frame firstly.

It would be extremely difficult to analyze the entire kart all together.
The separate components need to be broken down and analyzed separately.

I suggest you search for specific cosmos tutorials for frame and tube
analysis. The steering and axle components should be easy to analyze on
their own.
As for loadings and weights involved, I would not know off-hand. You
will need to obtain the weights of all components involved. Try to use
SolidWorks 3D Content Central as much as possible, as those parts will
have materials and weights contained within them.

Best of Luck,

Ershad wrote:
> Hello
>   I am an  under-graduate mechanical engineering student from INDIA.At present I am in my final year and we are required to to a final year project.So I am doing a project on Go-kart. The title of our project is "DESIGN,FABRICATION AND TESTING OF A GO-KART WHICH IS SUITABLE FOR A PERSON WHO DISABLED BY HIS LEGS".
>   Sir, here in India we are not getting the kind of guidancs and help that we want. So could you help us in doing our project by becoming our guide.We will be greatful if you oblige.
>   The kind of help that we require is designing the chassis on Solidworks and its analysis(dynamic and static) using Cosmos.The the deisgn of the shaft,steering system, braking and other things.We can deisgn the chassis on solidworks but there is a problem in analysis. we dont know how to carry out the analyis as we don't know all the constrains and loads acting. Same is the case with the above mentioned parts. So please help us out.
> Thanking you.
> With regards,
> Ershad Ilahi Khan
> Mechanical Student
> country:India

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