[Kartbuilding] ackerman angle importance?

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sat Sep 22 16:07:44 IST 2007

Hi James,

Yes - it is ok to use the "positive" ackerman angle (where the steering 
arms are pointing away from each other). The only reason I use the 
"negative" ackerman angle is that its easier to setup, and the clearance 
is better for the wheels. Therefore if a bigger tire/wheel was put on 
afterwards, it would not interfere with the steering arms.

I have built several karts with as you mentioned "eye-balled" measurements 
from looking at other karts and photos.

As for the "Tie Rods". I would go with whatever is cheapest and adapt it 
to suit. If the X angle your referring to, is for the tie rods, then yes - 
it will be fine.

I hope that has answered your questions. Im sure if you look/search you 
will see other karts using the same setup.

I would be very interested to see pictures of the build, sneak peek 
pictures and all! Some of the most valuable information comes from the 
build itself! Email them onto me here and I can put them on the 
www.kartbuilding.net website with a small article!


On Tue, 18 Sep 2007, Computer Guru wrote:

> quick question about the ackerman angle.
> is it fine to use an angle that is closer to the wheels, then center, for
> the ackerman angle?
> i am building a go kart with no plans and am almost finished. it will be an
> "off-road" non-competition, for fun kart. most of it has been "eye-balled"
> measurements and the last thing i need to install are the tie rods. i am on
> a budget and dont want to pay $45 for "custom" size tie rods.
> approx dimensions of frame 6' x 2'
> angles that are more of an X would make 10" tie rod
> angles that are more of a V (the way its supposed to be) would make it 11
> 1/2" rods
> since i am not racing or competing in anyway (besides the neighborhood), can
> i just put the angles at an X?
> any other information needed,  please let me know
> james
> btw, i will give you the link with the pictures of the build when i am
> finished with it (unless you want a sneak peek)

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