[Kartbuilding] wooden kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Aug 26 00:17:14 IST 2008

Hi Toby,

Sorry for the slow reply. For a engine powered wooden go-kart, I would 
first recommend that you dont choose a lawnmower engine as they are quite 
difficult to get working. A small engine from a generator or water pump 
would be much more suitable. Engines with a horizontal output/drive shaft 
are best as they can easily be connected to the rear axle using a chain. 
These engines look like:

If you cant get one of the above engines, then you will have to make do 
with a lawnmower engine. Any type of lawnmower engine will do. Ideally one 
with 3.5 or 5hp.

The wheels. Ideally they should be no bigger than 12" or 300mm in 
diameter. Otherwise the kart would be too high off the ground and if might 
tip/overturn on sharp corners.

As for what type of wood to use: any type of wood would suffice. Avoid 
using wood with large knots or splits as they could be weak in places.

As for the cost, if you are patient and look hard enough you could get all 
the above parts for free by asking neighbours for old parts and materials.

Best of Luck,

On Sat, 9 Aug 2008, Toby Bayliss wrote:

> Dear Stephen
> i have some questions to ask you
> considering lawnmower powered
> wooden go kart:
> ..what engine would you suggest i get ,what power will be best?
> ..what  type of wheels  to get and how big they should be
> ..what wood should i use
> ..and how much will each part cost?
> thankyou...
> from toby bayliss

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