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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Aug 26 23:01:31 IST 2008

Hi Wajih,

I have wrote a further article regarding steering geometry and setup. The blog 
article can be found at:

Typically the angles and details listed for the karts on www.kartbuilding.net 
are for karts with a live rear axle with no differential. As there is no 
differential, in order to achieve smooth cornering, a lifting effect is caused 
by the steering king pin when going around a corner. As the kart goes around 
the corner the inside rear wheel is lifted (as the chassis flexes) and smooth 
cornering is achieved.

Although the principles are the same in cars, the angles involved are much 

I hope the above article provides some further information.

Best of Luck,

On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, Wajih Sahouryeh wrote:
> Hey Steve
> Concerning the kart that is provided on the kartbuilding site ( the one with 
> provided with drawings). I have a general question and i know it is one that 
> is asked a lot. i have been to the website that you have provided and 
> different links concerning  front end geometry of cars. But still seem to 
> find  it diffcult understanding whether the camber on a kart is set when 
> building the kart (like v8 Supercars) or is it achieved after when driving 
> due to the steering pin inclination?
> Thanks for your help
> Wajih
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