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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sat Dec 6 18:35:11 GMT 2008


Thanks for your email. I'm glad you like the kart building website.
The maximum speed of the karts with the 100cc engines would be around 
50mph (miles per hour), depending on the road conditions.

As for having a differential, it would make cornering on rough terrain 
easier. With no differential, the kart is good on the road with good 
cornering. Off-road then cornering is poor. Adding a differential adds a 
lot of weight to the kart so you need to be careful.

I doubt the kart would be street legal, as that would require vehicle 
insurance etc. etc. I can't say for definate, but it wouldn't be street 
legal in Europe (in my opinion).

The first kart I built took 3-4 months. I could build a kart now in 
3-4weeks. As for costs, the first kart I built costed 100 euros and used a 
lawnmower engine. The karts I build these days cost 300-400 depending on 
the costs of a second hand motorcycle engine.

Best of luck building your kart,

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008, saurabh bhalerao wrote:

> hey hi,
> i just read through your project on kart building..............its gr8 man..............i wud like to know the maximum speed that this cart can reach.................will it be more better if i use a differential in it.................also i wud like to know if this cart is street legal in india...............how much time did it take you to do this project??????? also how much did it cost you????????
> pls reply as fast as you can as i am planning to make a similar kart .......it will be gr8 to recieve your reply.........

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