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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sat Dec 6 18:42:29 GMT 2008

Hi Tarek,

I found an old email about kart building from you to one of my old unused 
email addresses. You should use the email address "kartbuilding (at) 
gmail.com". Anyways, in relation to the questions you had.
With the 100cc GP Suzuki engine, the kart could reach 50mph (miles per 
hour), depending on the road and weather conditions. It would take a long 
stretch of road to build up that speed, and would take 20-30 seconds.

As for disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. Yes - if I was building a 
go-kart again, I would put disc brakes on the front wheels. I found that 
my kart would spin out of control sometimes just by using the rear brakes. 
The stopping speed would be greatly reduced with front brakes.

I would be careful getting the largest bike engine for a kart. A 
physically large/big engine does not mean that it would be faster. 
Two-stroke 250cc motorbike engines are very suited to karts. Also with a 
very large engine, it can get heavy very quickly and require a lot of 

Best of luck,

> Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:36:24 -0800From: albadry Subject: about the 
kartTo: steviewdr
> hi there mr. stev
> my name is tarek i'm from egypt and your planes encouraged me to start building
> my first go-kart
> but i have a few quistions if you have the time to answer them i would be very gratful
> firstly with 100cc suzuki gp engine you had on your kart what was the maximum speed
> and the time it needed to reach that maximum speed
> and secondly could you tell me is installing disk brakes on both front and rear wealls
> like all modern cars advantegiose or not
> specialy because i'm going to in install the largest bike engine i well find on the backe
> of the kart instead of the side
> yours truly
> tarek adel
> _________________________________________________________________

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