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There are a few options for getting the specifications and plans for the 
sprinter kart. Although the following plans may not be idential to the 
kart shown in the attached image, they will give you the majority of what 
you are looking for.

The first option is to download the following eDrawing of a Tony Kart:
Using the "Measure" option in the above eDrawings file, you can obtain all 
the dimensions you require for the chassis.

The second option is to go through the FIA Karting Regulations which 
outlines dimensions for a typical racing kart similar to the one in the 
attached email. See:

I hope this information helps.

Best of Luck,

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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 02:13:34 -0500
From: Cassie Russell 
Subject: sprint kart drawings


I have been looking on the internet browsing web sites trying to find blueprints/ drawings to build my own race sprint Kart.
After browsing your particular site i was hoping there was the possibly that you could help me obtain these blueprints/ drawings.

I am a welder and boilermaker by trade and love to do my own projects.

I would appreciate any help or direction.

I have attached a picture of the plans that i am after.

Many Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Frank Ruiz

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