[Kartbuilding] Building the Karts as a Jr. College Introduction to Engineering Project

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jan 8 13:05:03 GMT 2008


Designing and building a kart would be an excellent introdution to 
engineering. Karts can be made as simple or as complicated as need be. 
There would be some planning required however as how to break down the 
parts of the kart allowing students to form groups etc. to make the 
various pieces. I have seen some Second-Level schools make their own 
wheels! - turned from two/three aluminium blocks bolted together.

Cost would depend on how much you can make during the class term. If time 
is restricted, then you will have to buy a lot of pre-made components in. 
I.e. you can buy the wheels, steering wheel, brake unit complete etc. etc.
Costs then would vary from anywhere from EUR100 to EUR300 for a single 
kart. The engine would be another cost. A simple 70cc engine could be 
obtained for EUR80 and could be quickly connected. Depending on the health 
and safety requirements of the kart, a good deal of time might have to be 
spent in this area, making a chain guard, seat belt, bumpers etc. etc.

Overall - making a kart is very feasible in a school environment, and is 
an extremely worthwhile experience for the students.

If you have any further questions etc. just let us know.

Best of Luck,

On Thu, 3 Jan 2008, Kyle Larsen wrote:

> Stephen,
> I teach introduction to engineering at a Jr. College and wanted to have my
> students build this kart for their main project.  Do you think this is
> feasible for my class, and roughly how much do you think it would cost.  I
> think it would be a neat project for the students.  I would really
> appreciate your input!
> Thanks, Kyle Larsen

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