[Kartbuilding] custom go kart - Diesel Engine and Transmission

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Mar 26 00:18:03 GMT 2008

Hi Jake,

If you want to put a diesel engine and transmission into your kart, it 
depends on how big the kart is and how large an engine it can accommodate.
Does it have to be a diesel engine?
- If so, then it will be a physically larger engine. The best place to get 
a diesel engine and transmission, is from a large tractor ride-on 
lawnmower. This will give you a complete unit which you can use.

Typically, any engine, diesel or petrol (gas) will not have much climbing 
power with a high top speed. A transmission/gearbox will be required.
You say that you want a speed of 40mph - but is that on the flat or going 

To be honest, a two-stroke engine with 3-4 gears would be the best for 
you. A two-stroke engine like this (100cc - 250cc) can be obtained from an 
old motorcycle.

If your still going to go down the diesel engine route, then be prepared 
to wait for a suitable engine.

Apologies I can't be of more assistance.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 24 Mar 2008, Jake Darrah wrote:

> I have a mendele 150cc go kart right now, but I would like to put a diesel
> engine in it and a three speed manual transmission. I like it to have top
> speed of 40 or 45 mph, and good climbing power. My mendele only has one gear
> in forward. So that doesn't give it very much climbing power. Do you have
> any suggestions on what diesel engine and transmission would fit and work
> well on my go kart?
> Thanks!

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