[Kartbuilding] Tips needed!

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Mar 26 00:12:20 GMT 2008

Hi Tarun,

Yes - a stationary carrier on the front would be much easier. A front-end 
loader would be way too much work!.

Even if you can't get a differential lock, I would have independant 
braking on both rear wheels. Braking one rear wheel can make the kart spin 
around in a nice tight circle.

For off-road, I would NOT use a 3 wheel setup. I would rather do the extra 
work and setup the front steering system correctly.
Your going to have to look through all the steering setups and plans you 
can. See:

It would also be a good idea to take a look at a pedal go-kart or kids 
pedal tractor to see how the steering is done, and how the track rods push 
the front wheels to steer.

Best of Luck,

  On Sun, 23 Mar 2008, Tarun Tharyan wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> I was thinking of attaching the carrier in front. I actually thought of
> having something like a fork lift in front but thought that it would really
> complicate matters so i stuck to the idea of a stationary carrier.
> The Bullet 350cc does have a manual clutch. About the Bullet 500cc engine,
> I'm not sure if it is air or water cooled.
> I will look into the possibility of getting a differential with a
> differential lock.
> I was also wondering how the steering of an ATV works because I thought of
> having a steering of an ATV on this. Since i didn't know how the steering
> works, I saw other possibilities and came across PIAGGIO MP3.
> It is a 3 wheeled vehicle with two wheels in front.
> I have attached a picture of the setup of the PIAGGIO MP3.
> Do you think it is feasible or is the actual steering of an ATV better. If
> it is,then could you please tell me how it works with apt models.
> Thank you
> -tarun

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