[Kartbuilding] Tips needed!

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun Mar 23 02:15:23 GMT 2008

Hi Tarun,

So you want to make a go kart with a "plough" attached to the rear of the 
kart and one attached on the front as well? The plough on the rear of the 
kart will be easy enough as it can be simply pulled along behind the kart. 
As for the carrier on the front, it depends on how complicated you want to 
make it. If it is going to be a stationary carrier, then it will be easy 
enough. Personally, I would have both the carrier and the plough on the 
rear of the kart. The plough would be carried by its two own wheels.

As for the engine specs. Does the Bullet 350cc have a manual clutch? 
Having manual gears and a clutch would be essential, especially if you are 
going doing some sort of ploughing.
You also did not say if the Bullet 500cc engine is air or water cooled.
If the kart is going to be moving slow, and doing a lot of work, then air 
cooling will probably be not enough.

Yes - an ATV design would be the best. I would also look into the 
possibility of getting a differential with a differential lock, so both 
rear wheels can spin together.
You could also use a standard differential on the rear axle, but have 
independant brakes on the rear wheels. Therefore if one of the rear wheels 
starts spinning, you can press the brake on this wheel and transfer the 
power to the other rear wheel, and get moving again.

If you have time and patience, then you will be able to get something 
suitable made.

Best of Luck,

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Tarun Tharyan wrote:

> I am presently doing my third year in Mechanical Engineering and have plans
> of building a go kart with a Bullet 350cc or 500 cc engine..with a plough
> attached behind it to plough and a carrier  in front to transport objects. I
> am planning to build it out of scratch. I have the engine specs..they are
> *Bullet 350cc
> *
> Single Cylinder
> 4Stroke
> Air Cooled 346cc
> Bore*Stroke= 70*90
> Power 18bhp @ 5000 rpm
> Torque 3.26kgm @ 3000 rpm
> 4Speed
> *Bullet 500 cc*
> Royal Enfield Bullet specifications
>    Engine: four stroke, OHV (two valve, pushrod)
>    Bore & Stroke: 84 mm x 90 mm
>    Compression ratio: 6.5:1
>    Engine Performance: 22 bhp (16 kW) @ 5,400 rpm, 3.5 kgf·m (34 N·m) at
> 3,000 rpm
>    Electrics: 12 volts, battery & coil
>    Lubrication: dry sump lubrication, positive plunger type
>    Clutch: multiple plate, oil immersed
>    Transmission: four speed constant mesh transmission, one up and three
> down with neutral-finder
>    Brakes: twin lead, drum 7 in, rear drum 6 in
> actually I'm planning to have it built something like an ATV...Do u think it
> is possible or am i being over-ambitious?Please help me!

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