[Kartbuilding] frame material

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue May 13 23:59:17 IST 2008

Hi Oscar,

I'll be interested in seeing the new setup fully completed. Keep up the 
good work. Im sure you'll be up and about in no time.

Best of Luck,

Oscar Forand wrote:
> Steve,
>         The old karts I built were left wheel drive only (because all 
> the others were) and we have to race clockwise to load the left rear 
> in the corners or there is a real traction problem!  Corners are 
> normally taken in a 4 wheel drift going to full throttle about half 
> way through the corner.  Remember we're running relatively small 
> engines that do not have the power or torque to just spin the drive 
> wheel by applying throttle once your moving.  There were no problems 
> with handling on the straights. This new one is setup for a live axle 
> incorporating a lot of things I learned from your sight ,like the 
> flexible frame, Ackerman steering angle, etc:    Knee operation is 
> done, and rehab is tough, so it'll be some time before I'm working in 
> my shop again. 

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