[Kartbuilding] Subaru Gas generator engine

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Oct 7 23:55:12 IST 2008

Hi Jonathan,

So long as the subaru engine is not too big, I can't see why it could not 
be used. Typically I use small air-cooled engines with no 
electrics/battery. A simple pull-start works best and easiest.

As for setting the gas on the generator to be at full speed, you will need 
to look at the carburetor (which usually is beside the air 
filter/cleaner). On this carburetor, there will be a butterfly valve which 
may be connected with a spring. See:
There is a valve which will be able to rotate and move. If you start the 
engine and carefully move this valve, then the speed of the engine can be 

Best of luck,

On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Jonathan Guerrero wrote:

> My name is jonathan and ill like to ask you a couple of questions, is ok if I 
> use a subaru engine on a go kart n how do I set the gas on the generator to 
> be at full speed if u can use it ????

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