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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Oct 8 00:08:04 IST 2008

Hi James,

Thanks very much for emailing the photos of your kart. Sorry I didnt reply 
to your email sooner.

It is always very good to see photos of karts which made use of the plans 
on the kartbuilding website. You have done a fine job on the kart. I like 
the pipebending you done on the two side members of the kart. Its much 
stronger when its done from the single section. It can however be 
difficult to get ones hands on a pipe bender.

You have done a nice job cutting the mouths out of the ends of the tubing 
to allow for easier welding. Typically I flatten the ends of the pipe to 
make welding easier, but I commend you on the work and detail you have put 

I would be very interested in putting the photos up on the kartbuilding 
website. If you could send on some more photos that would be great. 
Photos/details of the rear axle mountings would be good. Photos of the 
pipebender you used and maybe a brief explaination of how difficult the 
pipe bending was, would be fabolous. I can put a specific mention of 
yourself and link to your school if you would like.

Let me know how the rest of the kart goes.

Best of luck,

On Sat, 4 Oct 2008, James James wrote:

> Dear StephenMy name is James Garlick, I'm a sixth form student at the
> windsor boys school.
> Over the summer I built the a racing kart off your plans using the school
> workshop.
> attached are some pictures that i thought you might like to include on your
> website.
> I have finished the kart but havn't got around to taking pictures/video of
> it in motion.
> i hope the pictures will contribute to your website, as i would very much
> like to be part of it!
> once i have taken some pictures of the finished product i will send them to
> you, if i may!
> thanks for your plans
> regards
> James

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