[Kartbuilding] Wow....i dont even know what to say about that! (fwd)

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Sun Feb 1 23:09:36 GMT 2009

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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
From: Erik
To: Stephen Burke
Subject: Re: Wow....i dont even know what to say about that!

i'll send a pic of the 3 wheeler b/c the 24 hp kart is back under constructioin 
and the riding mower is waiting on custom hubs ( so i can interchange all my 
rims and tires between all my toyz) and a coil ( which is like $60).  As for 
the torque converter on the v-twin , im noty going to use it now b/c the shaft 
size is too big for the one i have....the correct drive pulley will cost almost 
$250....im going to use a HD twin pulley clutch that was on the machine i took 
the motor off of. My only concern is the ratio of the clutch and drive pulley. 
They are close to the same size( with the axle pulley a little bigger than the 
clutch). Fortunantly the engine has the torque to turn my cart on a 1:1 
ratio....how well i dont know though, we'll see i guess.
I have another kart that im buiolding for my neices ( step brother really so he 
can take them 4 rides and such) which is a "Streaker" 2 seater with a 5.5 Honda 
with a standard clutch. just a run of the mill kart for the kids....
Anyways, keep up the good work on ur site and on ur "hoop-tees"

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Subject: Re: Wow....i dont even know what to say about that!

> Hi Erik,
> Thanks for your email.
> Yes - LOL - the off-road kart is a collection of bits alright. Luckily enough 
> I never got a shock off the EDI (Coil pack) (  see 
> http://www.kartbuilding.net/gallery/v/Off-Road_Kart/DSC04633.JPG.html ) as it 
> was well connected to the metal off the engine.
> As for the tire changes - well I think I put 3 new wheelbarrow tires on that 
> kart in total. It was mainly the rear tires that needed replacing. I did try 
> and get proper tires for the metal rims, however they would have cost too 
> much.
> The kart didnt shake too much to be honest, but it did at times. A lot of 
> people wouldn't think that a kart would rattle and shake, but ones made on 
> the cheap using bits and bobs do.
> Rebuilding karts is a much better option as you have most of the proper bits 
> to begin with. Its just a case of redoing the chassis (maybe) and fixing up 
> all the mountings and front end.
> That 24HP Honda v-twin engine sounds like a beast! It'll be something else. A 
> torque converter is a must for an engine with that much power. Even still I 
> wonder will the torque converter be able for all that power. Ride-on lawn 
> mowers are great fun to work with and to change the transmission. Its one 
> thing gearing them up and driving them on grass, its a different story when 
> gearing them and then taking them driving on concrete.....could be a painful 
> over turn. As for the wheelie bars - it sure must have some torque!!
> As for your 3 wheeler - 22" ATV tires - wow. There must be some center of 
> gravity there! I wonder is the differential heavy and taking up much power. I 
> tried putting a differential into some of my karts, but the weight of the 
> differential was quite substantial. A differential is a must however on an 
> off-road kart.
> Anyways, thanks again for your email and comments. If you have any photos of 
> the karts, feel free to email them on and I can put them up on the 
> kartbuilding website.
> Best of luck,
> -steve
> On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Erik wrote:
>> That "off-road" kart looks soooo....well dangerous, and thats why im diggin 
>> it! how long , on average, do you go in between tire changes on that thing?? 
>> lol  I bet that thing shakes like a room full of jello in an earthquake 
>> runnin anything better than 3rd gear huh? I also see you have that coil pack 
>> taped up real good.....how many times has that lit ya up while ur at high 
>> RPM's goin down the street?
>> Im going to re-build another kart here soon. I have a 24 Honda v-twin waitin 
>> for a home ( along with a torq-a-verter for it) and i have already started 
>> messin with my old riding lawn mower( 18 Briggs "L" twin). i swapped the 
>> motor and tranny gear and it'll get about 40 mph in 6th gear, scary as hell 
>> to turn though because it center of gravity is soo  high. If you hold the 
>> throttle down and drop the clutch ( in 1 st) it'll cat-walk a good 10 feet 
>> before u feel like its going to flip and u end up rolling another 10 feet 
>> before the front wheels come down....I'm plannin on wheelie bars at some 
>> point!
>> Then their is my 3 Wheeled beast. 22" ATV tires on a differential with a 
>> torque converter and a jake axle powered by a 12hp Wisconsin Robin ebgine. 
>> Not really fast ( maybe 25mph) but will go over anything( with or without 
>> you on it!) half shopping cart, part lawnmower, and alot of things that were 
>> not ever meant to go 25mph or even be mobile for that matter!
>> Any ways, just thought id say "good job" on ur site and projects! keep it 
>> up, the hospitals would go outta business without brave and inginuitive 
>> souls like us!!!!!!!
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