[Kartbuilding] Can you help me with my racing cart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sat Feb 7 15:46:31 GMT 2009

Hi Robert,

As for parts, you could look to ebay for buying parts. You will need 
wheels for starters. The metal for the chassis can be purchased in a local 
hardware/diy store. Northern Tool ( ww.northerntool.com ) have a good 
range of parts that can be used for gokarts, such as bearings etc. I would 
be careful in buying too much as it will cost a lot.

As for the engine, I would recommend getting a 100cc motorbike engine. 
Make sure the engine is air-cooled. The best place to go to get one of 
these is either a motorbike repair shop, or a motorbike crash repairs. You 
could also look to buying a broken motorbike and salvaging the engine (if 
it works).

It would also be worth paying a vist to a local scrap yard where you might 
come across old trolleys with wheels you could use. For one of my gokarts, 
I used wheels off a wheelbarrow ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelbarrow 
) where I got 4 wheels on a building site.

You could also ask in your local school, if there was an 
engineering/metalwork teacher who might be willing to give you some 
materials. I got a local engineering company to help me with my first 
gokart chassis.

I hope this information helps.

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, Robert Savill wrote:
> Hi there,i am looking to build a racing go-kart. i have looked at the plans on the website and i think that they are very good, but it doesn't tell me where to buy some of the parts from. i have tried searching on Google but it doesn't come up with much. so i wondered if you could tell me some where that sells the parts that i need for decent prices. And also can you help me with the choosing of the engine and also where to buy them. i would like to have something that made the kart go quite quick but not 2 quick, if you know what i mean. Thankyou for your help.Robert Savill
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