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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jan 27 21:26:35 GMT 2009

Hi James,

Your probably best following these set of plans:
It will fit up to a 250cc engine with no difficulty. It also allows plenty 
of room for moving the seat, engine and pedals to suit. I suggest you draw 
out the chassis on the ground (or a sheet of plywood) using some chalk.

Depending on what money you have, you can choose to make the axles, and 
steering parts yourself. You will need to buy things like the bearings. 
For the rear axle, you can get pillar block bearings which you can then 
simply bolt to the chassis. See:

Best of luck,

On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, James Brittain wrote:

> Hi im in my final year at school and im doing a personal project i was wondering if you had any plans for a single gear go kart witch will fit a 125cc motor.
> im only looking for the basic design.
> and for a simple way to make one in terms off chassies and axcels and was wondering if i should make the whole thing my self or buy some of the more complicate areas and if so witch ones.
> thanks for your time
> James
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