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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Jun 4 00:11:10 IST 2009

Hi Alex,

1 inch square tubing with a wall thickness of 14 guage (which is 0.0747in 
and 1.9mm) should be strong enough for a general purpose kart. If your 
kart will be taking a lot of weight and wear & tear, I would go for a 
slightly heavier guage.

I have a 100cc motorbike engine on my karts. See: 
A general purpose engine will also suffice. See: 
As for where to buy such an engine, you could look on ebay ( www.ebay.com 
) or ask around in a local motorbike repair store.

Thanks for your comments about the kartbuilding.net website. I'm glad you 
find it useful.
Go-Karting can be dangerous, however taking a few safety precautions can 
help minimise this. Always make sure you have plenty of space when driving 
the kart. Make sure there are no people, moving objects etc. that you 
could crash into if you lost control. Always make sure your brakes work. 
Wearing a safety helmet, gloves and overalls will also help in the case of 
an accident.

Best of luck,

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009, Alex Will wrote:

> than you very much and i got another question im building the racing kart so i would like to know if 14 guage 1 in square tubing is strong enough and what engine do u have on your racing kart cause i cant find any good ones maybe you could find me one and post a link if you dont mind hopefully near 125. 80cc being the min and 200cc the max price hoping around 250 but not over that. and i hope it has a semi auto tranny maybe something off a dirt bike. good luck with your website its the best. now its my fav website thanks so much your the only one who gives out nice plans not ones you have to pay 20 dollars for.and your are even better c ya and thanks PS. im 15 yrs old and you dont think this would be dangerouse would you ? 

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