[Kartbuilding] Please Help

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Nov 12 22:42:54 GMT 2009

Hi Gerrit,

Sorry for the slow reply.

Regarding the Racing Go-Kart, it sounds like you have a fairly big engine!
It should be easy enough to modify the racing kart plans to take a large 
engine. You might have to make sure the chassis is strong enough to take 
the extra weight. You will also have to attach a radiator to keep the 
engine cool.

Take a look at the following videos which show a 1000cc engine on a racing 
kart. If your not into welding and making karts, I'm sure you can buy a 
chassis complete for a racing kart and then modify to suit your large 
engine. Note: it would require a welder to be able to weld extra mounts 
and brackets to the chassis to take the engine.

Look at the following two videos for some inspiration:

Best of luck,

On Tue, 27 Oct 2009, Gerrit Steenkamp wrote:

> Hi my name is Gerrit
> Would love to have your assistance with plans I have on building a Racing
> Go-Kart.
> Its going to be a Nice One.  Want to put in a 750 or a 1000cc streetbike
> engine. But nobody can give me the details on how to start building it what
> so ever.
> IfIf possible please mail me the specs and so. Also what a frame wil cost
> with the different parts needed to build such a Monster Cart.
> Greetings Gerrit

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