[Kartbuilding] [Kartbuilding Blog] Comment: "Using a Centrifugal Clutch and Chain Drive"

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Nov 30 20:27:57 GMT 2009

Hi Will,

First, I'm not sure if moped clutches are meant to be run in a oil bath 
(considered wet clutches). I tried this once, and I had to keep applying 
oil to the clutch, as it smoked and burnt out quick.

Anyways, regarding your question:
If there is a keyway/groove in the engine shaft, then you could file/cut a 
matching groove in the moped clutch. See Step 1 on the top left of the 
following image: 
(this shows where you can drill a 5mm hole into the moped clutch, and 
using a file square it out. Therefore it will be able to accept a square 
key (piece of 5mm plate steel cut to size).

If there is no keyway on the engine shaft, it would be quickest to weld 
the clutch to the engine's output shaft. It worked perfect for me, however 
I did have to grind off the weld with an angle grinder to take the clutch 

Best of luck with it.

On Mon, 30 Nov 2009, will wrote:

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> how would you fit a moped clutch on the engine bore once you have drilled it out? should it be welded or some kind of screw inserted?

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