[Kartbuilding] steering problem

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Aug 2 18:10:08 IST 2010

Hi Greg,

I know exactly what you are experiencing. The steering sticks and catches 
when going from full lock.

I don't have a step by step guide for the exact setup of steering on a 
go-kart. On the karts I built, I didn't have any toe-in or toe-out.

The details I outlined on steering are at:

What I would suggest:
Check to see if anything else was bent out of shape. Was the chassis 
itself bent slightly?
Does the steering catch when going from full-lock on the right, or left, 
or both?
Is the front steering pivots over tightened?
Check the ackermann angle. It may be the case that you are allowing too 
much of a lock on the steering. This can be adjusted by the angle of the 
steering arm. 

Best of luck,

On Mon, 2 Aug 2010, Greg Hogan wrote:

> Hello:
> I read your article about steering and I have a question.  I have a older 
> kart, live rear axle (solid, both wheels turn the same time).  it has the 
> simple ackerman steering with adjustable tie rods.  the kids hit a tree and 
> bent one of the steering arms.  I bent it back & I tried adjusting it, but it 
> really binds up when turning into a corner.  Is there a step by step approach 
> on how I can adjust the tie rods to keep it from doing this?  do you 
> recommend toe in or toe out?  I'm not racing this thing, just want it to be 
> able to make the corner.  right now, its so bad the engine does not have 
> enough power to force it through the corners since the wheels seem to be 
> fighting each other
> any help or direction would be appreciated.
> thanks
> Greg

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