[Kartbuilding] question about parts

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Aug 9 22:27:57 IST 2010

Hi Barbara,

I'm glad you like the plans and are finding them useful.

As for where to get the pulley wheels:
1. You may be able to get the 2 small aluminium pulley wheels from an old 
washing machine. Would you know any washing machine repair shops you could 
go and visit? Newer washing machines use plastic pulley wheels which are 
no good, but older machines had useable aluminium ones.

2. You might be able to get a steel v-belt pulley wheel from a car. Do you 
know any car scrapyards? Old cars have Fan Belt V-pulleys and due to the 
heat of the engine, had steel pulley wheels. The reason for the steel of 
course for the rear axle is that you will be able to get someone to weld 
the steel pulley wheel to the rear axle.

You should be able to buy the pulley wheels if all else fails. I'm not 
sure what "hardware store" you would have local. See:

Try and get as large a steel pulley for the rear axle as you can. Try and 
have it 5 times the diameter as the pulley on the engine, as this will 
give a good gear ratio.

Best of luck with the build. If you take any photos, feel free to email 
them on.


On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Brb wrote:

> Dear Kartbuilding,
> Thanks for the great plans.  My boys and I are having a lot of fun working
> on the motorized go kart and we're just about done with the chassis.  We're
> having some trouble acquiring some parts though, specifically, the
> Steel-V-Belt-Pulley Wheel and the two Aluminum-V-Belt-Pulley Wheels.  We've
> been to a couple of auto part shops with no luck and I've just contacted a
> couple of machine shops that may be able to sell us what we need.  If
> there's a mail order company that you know of that would ship to the US, I'd
> appreciate hearing about it.  Or if you had some other suggestion, that
> would be good too.
> Thank you.
> Barbara

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