[Kartbuilding] Racing Kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Jun 7 23:20:49 IST 2010

Hi Josh,

Which set of go-kart plans are you interested in using?
Off-Road Kart Plans
Racing Kart Plans
Wooden Go-Kart Plans (Lawnmower Powered or not)

Also, when you say "Standard System", what measurements/dimensions would
you like the plans in?

Best of luck,

On 31/05/2010 22:43, Josh S wrote:
> Hi, I'm interested in building a go kart with the plans from your
> website, but here we use the standard system and would like to know if
> you have a set of the plans that are converted to standard.  If not
> that is fine.
> Thank you
> Josh
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