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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sat Oct 30 16:04:20 IST 2010

Hi Marvin,

Not bad. Just to let you know: I had awful trouble using chains and 
sprockets off a bike/bycycle. The chain just wouldn't stay on. I even 
modified the sprockets to have side shoulders on to keep the chain on, 
however this didn't work great either.

The bycycle chains may work for you, but I had to use thicker sprockets 
and a chain off a motorbike.
Are you going for a "direct drive" so? The chain been driven directly off 
the engine. I ran this setup for a while. It worked ok. Just needed 
someone to push start the kart and off it would go.

Best of luck with the moving. Hope you'll have a nice big garage in your 
new place :)


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Hi steve ive moveing house soon so ive been busy but stil managed to fit in a few hours here and there. Ive sent u a pic. Im pleased with it but its only got a bike cog on.
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