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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Apr 7 23:31:25 IST 2011

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for emailing on the photos of your Go-Kart. It's great to see
photos of karts people made using the information on kartbuilding.net To
help and inspire fellow Kart Builders I put your pictures on the
kartbuilding website at:

Your Go-Kart looks well. I bet there is a nice bit of power in that
Yamaha engine. It may take a little getting used to having a clutch
pedal and gear lever (stick shift), but I think it gives a lot more
flexibility. With the gears you can have high torque and fast take off,
and then on a straight a high gear will give good speed. You could even
further adjust the size of the rear sprocket if you found it was too
fast/slow in first gear.

Did you buy the racing kart seat and wheels or did you manage to get
them second-hand off another go-kart? People do be asking the best
places to source these parts. Were there any other issues or problems
you had to overcome or workaround. Feel free to email on any other info
or photos and I can add it to the kartbuilding.net website to help others.

I hope you got a good grade for this senior project :-) , it looks like
you put a lot of time and effort into it.


On 07/04/2011 02:19, Kyle Calder wrote:
> Hello there,
> My names Kyle Calder and last year i was a senior at Philomath High
> School in Philomath, Oregon. For my senior project i decided to build
> a go kart and chose to follow your plans. I used most of the main
> measurements for things like the frame and motor mounts, but then
> designed a lot of my own aspects like the pedals and foot rests and
> seat mounts. I attached a couple pictures to show you how it turned
> out! thanks for the great plans :) it was really fun to build.
> Kyle

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